The RENTING is the smartest way
of having a car, without the worries of being the owner

What is Renting?

The Renting of vehicles is a long-term rental agreement whereby a company buys a new vehicle, according to the needs of the customer and puts it at its disposal, in exchange for the payment of a monthly fee, for a term of time and mileage previously established. This single monthly fee includes all maintenance costs, insurance, tires, breakdowns among others.

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Renting is the most ingenious way to acquire a car

It releases a car every three years.

Forget about paying an initial fee to have a new car.

Get all maintenance, insurance, taxes and tires included.

Save! Take care of the loss of value of the car over time.

Choose the car you like best and worry just enjoy it!

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Renting conditions

  • add¿What do I need to get the car in Renting?


    1. To have a bank account (that is, have a checking or savings account)

    2. Not having any report in Datacrédito

    3. Have an income equal to or greater than 3 times the price of the car you choose.

    Depending on the type of work activity, the following documentation is requested:

    • Employee: Legible copy of ID card and bank statements for the last 3 months.

    • Independent: Legible copy of the ID, bank statements for the last 3 months, last year's income tax return and copy of the last month's security contribution form.

    • Capital Rentier: Legible copy of the ID card, RUT, Last year's income tax return, Certificate of income from an accountant, Bank Statements for the last 3 months, Copy of Property Taxes, Copy of Lease Contracts, and Freedom Certificates.

    • Pensioner: Legible copy of the ID and bank statements for the last 3 months. FOR LEGAL PERSON: 1. Be 1.5 years old 2. Annual turnover greater than 350 million 3, Positive net result

  • add¿What is included and what is not included in the rental fee?


    The free use of the vehicle in Renting, road kit, initial registration, soat, annual procedures, insurance, rolling tax, traffic light tax, and preventive and corrective maintenance.



    Driver, fuel, photo fines, insurance deductible values, or claims that do not exceed the deductible value.

  • add¿Is the monthly Canon of the car in Renting fixed or do you only offer Variable Canon?

    We have cars for both options. So you have the flexibility to choose the option that most appeals to you and best suits your needs. If you choose a car with a Variable Canon, it will be indexed to the IBR either upwards or downwards.

  • add¿Can I change my car in Renting before 4 years?

    Yes, you can change your car whenever your needs change. And have a brand new car through the Renting model

  • add¿Does the registration appear in the name of Renting or the user?
    The registration goes to the name of Renting Colombia who is the owner. This also benefits you in security matters for not appearing in the RUNT systems and others as a vehicle owner.
  • add¿Can it be used for UBER or CABIFY?
    No, currently the Sura policy can exclude a vehicle from the policy if it is registered in the UBER lists. Additional UBER requires that the vehicle be in the driver's name and Cabify requires a letter of authorization from the owner.
  • add¿Can I cancel the contract in advance?

    Yes, we do not have a permanence clause after the second year. That is, if you cancel the contract before 12 months you will have to pay 3 fees as compensation. Likewise, if you cancel it between month 13 and month 24, you will have to pay 2 fees as compensation. From month 25 you can cancel your contract without penalty.

  • add¿What should I do if I require a car for less time?

    Go to and quote the car for the time you need less than a year.

  • add¿What happens if I make more kilometers than those hired?

    The total kilometers hired are 60.000 for the 48 months, that is, an average of 15,000 kilometers per year. As of mileage 60.001, you will assume the cost of all preventive and corrective maintenance performed on the vehicle during the term of the contract.

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